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​Super Dread is a Professional Service Operating in the United Kingdom specialising  in the Creation and Maintenance of Natural Dreadlocks.


Our Mobile Service Covers a Large Part of the UK and We Regularly Rescue (or Create) Dreadlocks Everywhere We Possibly can. 


~What to Expect:

Our Work is always Natural and Helpful. We Absolutely Love and Care about what we do. This means We Do Not use any Wax, Chemicals or a Harmful Approach to working with Dreadlocks.

We use Multiple Natural Techniques to Create, Train and Maintain the Best Looking, Healthiest Dreadlocks Possible That We Hope You Will Keep For a Lifetime.


At Super Dread we will always take time to Explain Everything there is to know about Looking after Dreads and keeping your Hair + Scalp in the Best Condition Possible. From the Moment you choose us (and even before!) we will always be able to Offer You Trustworthy Advice to Benefit your Dreadlock journey,

Dreadlock Health and Happiness. 

What we have to offer:

~ Creation

The Perfect Start to your Dreadlock Journey.

Our Locticians Draw on Decades of Personal Dreadlock Experience to Ensure that Dreads will Flourish and Work with ALL Hair Textures and Types.


Our Array of 100% Natural Techniques are Fine Tuned to Work  in Harmony with the Specific needs and Hair Conditions of Each Individual Super Dread Client. 


Dreadlocks are Unique to Each Individual and this is something We Love to Encourage. The Pure Love and Positive Vibrations we put into Our Dread Creation Always Results in a Stunning Appearances and Our Primary Focus is Ensuring you will have Strong, Healthy, Easy to Look - After, Natural Dreadlocks for the Long Term (Or Short Term) that serve as an Unlimited source of Happiness and Amazement. 


No harmful products, wax or chemicals 

We Offer a Multitude of Dreadlock Creation Options, Feel Free to Contact us With Any Questions or to Discuss any Dreadlock Visions you may have..

Long Dreads

Short Dreads

Big Dreads

Thin Dreads

Dread Extensions

Individual Dreads

Dread Decoration...

Whatever it is you have in mind, we will do our Upmost to help these Dreams become Reality. 

~ Maintenance


 We also offer Dreadlock Maintenance Sessions and Super Dread Surgery for Existing Dreads,
We can get your Dreads Growing Neat, Healthy and Looking in Top Form!

As well as General Tidying and Fixing, we can Transform Damaged Locks Completely; They will be left Growing Strong, Healthy and Full of Love.

Major surgery is All in a Normal Day's Work for The Super Dread Team, Dreads can be Perfectly Repaired and All Work is Completed with the Long Term Health of Your Hair and Scalp in Mind:


Whether You Would like Your Dreads to be: 


Thicker, Thinner, Lighter, Longer, Shorter, Joined, Separated, Reattached.. 


Or If you are Concerned about Scalp Problems or Dread Related Hair Follicle Health..


Don't hesitate to get in contact with Our Team.. We will use Our Expertise to Best Examine The Situation and Always Help in the Best Way We Possibly can. 

Our Maintenance Sessions involve Natural Methods Only, no products, wax or chemicals.


We are 100% Confident in our Super Dread Surgery. Dreadlocks Will Undergo a Righteous Rejuvenation and Be  Left Strong, Healthy, Free to Grow and The Stars Of The Show...x



~ Mobile Service

We are always Happy to Visit Our Clients at Home and at Hours to Suit.


~ Helpful (Not Harmful) Dread Products

The Best Natural Dreadlock Shampoos, Natural Conditioners + Dread Care Products, Beads, Accessories and More...Shipping Worldwide and Available Online from The Super Dread Shop.


~ All Welcome

Dreadlocks are Representative of Many Diverse Cultures, Interests and Beliefs, For Example Faith, Spirituality, Nature, Music and Fashion to name a few! The Super Dread Team  Embrace All and Respect All, whether New to the journey or Old with a Philosophy of One Love, Friendly Professional Dreadlock Care/Advice and Great Conversation.  

~ 100% Positive Vibrations  

Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We welcome All Enquiries, If you need Any Help or to Ask Any Questions you have Regarding Dreadlocks... We are here for you!


If you are interested in any of our services please don't hesitate to get in Contact for Details of Regional Visits across the UK, Prices and Availability.

Everlasting Peace and Love
Super Dread
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